Wacky Bouncer (Low Profile)

Wacky Bouncer (Low Profile)

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Setup Area: 20ft L x 15ft W x 8ft H

Actual Size: 16ft L x 13ft W x 8ft H

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 13 and under


🎉 Introducing the Wacky Bounce House – Where Low-Profile Fun Meets Endless Excitement! 🎉

Prepare for a wacky and wild adventure with our all-new Wacky Bounce House! 🤪🏰 This innovative inflatable brings a whole new level of fun to your indoor and outdoor events, designed to make every moment a bouncing sensation.

Key Features:
🌈 Low-Profile Thrills: At just 8 feet tall, the Wacky Bounce House is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor events where space is a premium. Its low-profile design allows it to fit seamlessly into a variety of venues while providing non-stop entertainment.

🤪 Curiously Creative Design: The Wacky Bounce House boasts an imaginative and colorful design that sparks curiosity and excitement in kids and adults alike. Its wacky architecture will surely set the stage for a day filled with laughter and joy.

🎊 Boundless Bouncing Zone: Despite its compact size, the Wacky Bounce House offers a generous bouncing area that's ideal for energetic youngsters. Friends can bounce together, practice their dance moves, or simply enjoy an exhilarating day of play.

🏰 Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Fun: Whether it's a rainy day indoors or a sunny outdoor celebration, the Wacky Bounce House adapts to any setting. This versatility ensures that your event remains a smashing success regardless of the weather.

🎈 Safety Meets Fun: Safety is paramount, and the Wacky Bounce House is designed with this in mind. The low height makes it easy for adults to supervise the bouncing, while the reinforced materials and secure anchoring keep everyone safe during playtime.

🎁 Memorable Moments: The Wacky Bounce House is more than just an inflatable – it's a memory-making machine. Capture the delight on kids' faces as they embark on this wondrous bouncing journey.

Wacky SpaceSaver Bouncer™ from N-Flatables.

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